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There are some women who are very visual... but it's not a lot of them.

If you shag enough, you'll run across a few odd women who want to take a look at your dick or find penises fascinating. Usually this is the high sex drive ones... whether they like penises just because they like sex so much, or whether the testosterone that causes their higher sex drives also makes them more visual, I'm not sure. But there does seem to be a connection.

In general when I sleep with a woman she is not even going to see my penis. My general mindset is "her seeing the dick = potential LMR", and I prefer to just get her horny enough and wet enough that she's just lying back, moaning, with her eyes closed, and out comes the dick, and in her it goes. Only time a woman will see mine before sex is if she's blowing me or if I've hit a wall of LMR and decided to try PYCO ("pull your cock out"... which sometimes works).

So, I wouldn't worry about it.

I have keloid scars on my shoulders, a large birthmark on one of my legs, very pale skin... women rarely comment on any of that, and by the time women get to seeing it we're always past the point of no return (either having sex, or we're about to be). Never has caused me any issues.

Also, if you're worried about your penis, why shave your pubic hair? That seems like the one best way to say "Hey, look down here, I've cleared away all the distractions so you can get a great look!"

If you're shaving because you've heard women complain about unshaved men... well, it is just one of those things women talk about. I have heard women talk on end about how they hate men with hairy back or chests or butts, and yet they never say a thing when you're actually there naked with them about to start plowing them for the first time. Maybe after they've been dating you a month they'll ask if you'd ever shave.

Also, if you're unshaved but she has great sex with you, she is going to start to like having a hairy guy.

If she even cares. Most women do not pay a lot of attention to men's junk.

Women are selfish. The only thing a woman really cares about is if she enjoys the sex, and the buildup to it. If it's good for her, she will not care what the thing that gives it to her looks like.