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hey chase,

I know you can't give me exact advice, I'm looking for something generic because I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

so the same thing is happening with clubs, I get attracting(matches) but it goes no where. we talk for like 2 messages or we talk for a while and it goes no where. I try to move fast within a few messages and ask for  a number or date.


so I'm getting really frustrated, I'm not getting anywhere at all, and sure I can quit, but that means I'm losing out on 2 funnels, I want all funnels open and to get good in all of them.

so what could be a basic problem on why I can't get dates from the club or apps? we either barely talk where I can't mess up or we talk a lot and I make sure not to say to much, there's nothing to think on about what I did, I see nothing wrong and I change my approach a lot. so what could it be?