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I also forgot to ask, is it normal for anyone older than mid 20s to be going out 4 times a week and approaching all these girls? won't you be looked at funny? like you should be home with a wife or focusing making money or something?

and one thing that annoys me are guys that have slept with a lot of women, but tell you that if you do that you'll be a thirsty broke guy, basically he's saying that if you don't let women come to you, you won't accomplish anything, but yet it's cool for them to sleep with a lot of girls and do the opposite? they claim that's why they were broke; chasing women, but they brag about all the women they get. there is a way to talk to a lot of women and get laid a lot while still be successful at the same time right? I'm trying to make sense of this because I know you're against the "build and they will come" thing that others say you should do instead.

and at what age should you start lying about your age on apps and in dating in general?