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1. My bad chase, I didn't clarify what I meant; what I meant was why didn't I get luckier more when I went out for 2 nights a week for years.

2. So 4 outings at night during the week? what about day game? I can't imagine going out that much alone. I have a lot to ask about this topic so I'm going to break it up.

a. how often to do day game?

b. I thought you said a lot of flakes come from going out at night? it seems you were leaning more to day game than night?

c. I only know places that are open from Thursday to Saturday and thursday night sucks, am I supposed to go Wednesday to Saturday? what nights when you went out were good 4 times a week, and what was the pattern? club all 4 nights? club and bar 2 times?

d. how long do you recommend to go out these many days a week? when will it be enough so we can focus on other things? like is the a certain amount of lays? or something to let us know we don't have to go out as much?

e. if I don't have my own place or even if I do, how do I pull and know that I'm safe at their house or if she's safe enough to come to mines and to know where I live?

f. how do we make all these approaches in venues without looking thirsty or like a pick up artist? a dating coach said that approach that many girls makes you look thirsty and low status, which makes more women reject you. so how do you pull this off every night and not look like that? is it ok to go the same spots on the same days every week?

g. my nights cost a lot, like $50 bucks, a lot of places cost to get in, then I gotta pay for gas, pay for parking, pay for a drink, so it all adds up. I have to drive everywhere where I'm at. what do you recommend? and what are we opening with when we talk to all these girls and when do we leave the convo?

3. dating apps and youtube redpill and mgtow have made me so bitter.

these women act like models on apps, they waste time and never respond to anything. it's maddening, then I watch videos about red pill and mgtow because it's funny when these men bash women. these dating apps, women in general are so entitled now they treat a lot to of dudes like crap.

how do I stop them from acting like this and should I cut the apps and videos off? I need some good feedback fro these girls.

4. when you said when you have approach anxiety to focus more on approaching than the number, what exactly do you mean? I think what you're saying is to focus on making approaches, but how do you do it without focusing on numbers?