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Hey chase this is a odd question,but i'm hoping your experience with women can set my mind at ease. How much do women care about how your penis looks? Assuming you dont have visible stds or warts. I have birthmarks on my junk and some scarring from when I used to chronically masturbate by dry humping my bed years ago. I also have razor bumps in my groin area from shaving. I never showed a girl my dick so I worry that when the time comes for me that she will react negatively to mine or ask why it looks different and not wanna fuck because of that. It doesn't look as bad as I used to think back when I was more anxious about it and I constantly focused on it. I know women aren't aroused by the look of penises and some told me they think they're ugly and they don't care how it looks. I apologize for this unusual question I know you've probably never been asked before. Thank you.