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Yes, don't overwhelm yourself. Pick 2-3 fundamentals you very much want to work on. Stick to these until you have them down enough to move onto the next one. Typially it takes 21 days to replace bad habits (which are what bad fundamentals are) with good ones. So you improve 2-3 fundamentals to a solid baseline every 3 weeks. That might sound slow, but if you're doing 3 at a go, in nine weeks (a little over two months), you may have significantly better eye contact, posture, walk, voice, hair, clothes, mannerisms, movement speed, removed a tic you have, and built a habit of getting much physically closer to women when you speak with them. Those are some big changes in just two months.

Learning any new habit requires constant reminders to yourself to practice the habit. I suggest with fundamentals you choose two you can do all the time (like posture and movement speed) and one you need to practice with people (like eye contact). You can get in the habit of practicing the two while seated at a desk or walking in your home, and when you do, you'll tend to think of eye contact too, since that's one of your three. Then while walking around outside, you can work on all three, and consciously practice eye contact with people you pass. Remembering to practice something mid-conversation is the hardest, because there's a lot going on. So, you work on practicing it when you're not in conversation, and it's easier to remember, and you eventually start to remember to do it in conversations too, or even do it out of habit.

Really you should be reminding yourself throughout the day to do the things you want to work on. This is part of why you only want a few at a time... if there's 10, you'll always be forgetting some. If there're only 2 or 3, easier to remember. If you still forget, jot them down on a little piece of paper and post it somewhere you can't miss it. Look at it frequently. Or stick it in your wallet and take it out to review during downtime. Or put it in a note on your phone and check it every couple hours to remind yourself.

(Btw I have an easier time working on my game. For example I mastered conversation within a week and now it's part of me. Same for chase frames. It's only the fundamentals (expressions, eye contact, voice, smile etc that aren't improving spectacularly)

That's excellent!

So I guess one other thing you can do here, is to ask yourself "What did I do that made these things so easy to master in conversation for me?"

You'll get it figured out. Just need to keep it to a couple at a time, and give yourself constant reminders until you've cemented the new habit in place.

Then, onto the next set of fundamentals you want to learn.