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Quantity alone is why online apps are better than direct approach in today's world. What are the odds you'll meet a girl who is very attractive, has her sh*t together, is smart, single, and has similar interests as you when you do direct approach? Probably very low. Online, however, you can and will probably meet that person. I did - I was in a 3 year relationship with a girl I met on Tidner. I had the most meaningful relationship with her compared to any girl I met offline. The sheer volume makes it so much more likely that you'll meet the type of girl you're looking for.

Every single girl is using an online dating app. Most just make themselves unseen when they're not using it.

@Joe London, you nailed it. I'm a pretty attractive male and I have tons of success online. I think looks is huge online, not anywhere near as important in direct approach. Also, I wonder how many women around Chase's age or women looking for guys his age are online. And cost/time is a huge factor. Going out to game is takes up way too much time and effort. Times are a changin' as they say. Very hot, very high value girls find online to be a safe and relable way for them to meet attractice, high value males. I have plenty of friends who are in long term relationships with people they met online and one of my best friends married a girl he met on an app.