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1. That article about that professor was crazy and very ironic since he met her in real life. What should he have done in this entire situation Chase? at what point should he have known that this girl was about bad news? and how should he have handled everything after sex?

2. with the forum member, hope he's doing better. what do you think he could have done to prevent his situation? and that oral sex thing makes no sense to me? how did he lose that? how is that even possible that wasn't consensual? but what could he have done to not have this happen? how does a person have consensual sex in every category? do they have to ask before they do everything?

So how could these two situations have been avoided if sex was still to happen?? what could they have done to save themselves after sex or right before it? It sounds like for them everything happened to fast for them to realize any flags. and you just can't avoid sex from all women, so avoiding them would not have saved them because it could have happened with another chick. So what could they have done?