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Well that's no fun. It sounds like these girls are already showing up to the first date having mentally friend zoned you. So whatever it is that's going wrong, it goes all the way back to the initial approach.

I don't know what your approaches are like so I can't say what's wrong, per se. But usually when you see a pattern like this the problem comes down to vibe. You may want to (re)read these articles:

Vibe is hard to nail down. But once it's nailed, friend zoning largely stops. You'll still get it sometimes (impossible to totally avoid... just because not every woman is susceptible to your charms, no matter how charming you may be). But a strong sexy vibe minimizes it.

Also, make sure you're getting compliance from girls. Sexy vibe + poor compliance = "this guy's a curiosity." Mediocre vibe + excellet compliance = "There's something about this guy I can't put my finger on. But he's compelling!" Getting a woman invested makes a big difference (of course, the better your vibe, the less work it is to get her to invest).

(be careful too about throwing out provider value when your lover value isn't there yet. See this article)

On this issue:

My last question is not related with this article. I know some girls that friend zone every possible guy they meet. Nobody is good enough for them. And then they go to vacation and hook up with the first guy they meet in nightclub or hotel. Is there effective way for gaming this kind of girls? What causes such behaviour?

Yeah, I know the kind of girl you're talking about.

The best way to get them in my experience is just persistence. Keep talking to them, keep asking them out, keep pursuing them, keep putting the moves on them. Eventually you can wear them down.

The psychological profile seems to be "No guy is good enough for me. But a girl needs a release! So when it's a vaction, it's okay. That guy would never be good enough for me back home! But he's sexy and it's vacation so I'll accept him." It actually works the same way when persisting with them on their home turf: "No guy is good enough for me. Bu a girl has needs! So, all right, fine, this guy has been after me for months, and he is just so persistent, and I don't think he measures up, but whatever, I'm tired of being lonely, I know he's an okay guy so I guess I'll go along with it for a bit."

The other thing you can always try is getting them to go along on some group travel with you. Then just hooking up with them on the trip. STA Travel or another travel package like that could work great. Only if the gal is really worth the effort though, or if you'd travel otherwise and might as well make it a group thing and involve her. Try to find a package likely to have other hot girls too (in case it doesn't work out with the girl in question... or you need a few more girls to bounce some preselection off her with).