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Hey Chase, this is a reply to your last comment.

1. Is learning pick up and sleeping with a lot of girls just a hobby really? money is king we know, but I thought that getting and sleeping with many girls helps us in life with getting a partner and helps us have self confidence because we know we're wanted.

I know guys do get tired of it, but maybe I read what you wrote wrong, but I feel it's a little more than a hobby because you built a big business off if it and all guys talk about is getting girls.

Idk maybe you mean that making money is more important for yourself than getting girls because they don't help you in the same way.

but when I think of it as a hobby, it makes me think it isn't worth my time because I'm not getting g anything from it, but it must be important because there's many sites and videos about relationships.

when you were learning this stuff, you had to have known sleeping with many women was important for something.

2. How often do you approach now? I know you're super busy and have been the past few years, and how do you keep it consistent with your busy schedule?

3. Can a semi older guy like me with child-like math skills, failed out of stem, and has 50k student loans debt, have his money handled at all in the not too distant future?

4. when you wrote about older men in their 40s without their money handled, it made me worry a lot. It's like what do I focus on? I don't want to try and learn to sleep with a bunch of girls as an older man, but I don't want to be broke either or lonely.

so its like I have to do both so I can be set in my 40s, I have to be good with money and women by then.

then comes the kids thing, do I have kids now while young and broke to get it out of the way? or do I wait until I'm older and better off financially? but what if I'm not better off and have no kids, but I'm older now?

then it's too late.

all this stuff is confusing me.

I think I have to get extremely well with money and women at the same time, I want kids, but not until I get both those handled.