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Hey Chase,

1. when you said Indians live with their parents well into college, is it expected all students live on campus?

this is a new one I never heard before, it sounded to me that it's normal that college students live on campus instead of at home.

is it like that from what you know? that it's expected to live on campus or in a student apartment?

what if they don't want debt?

2. How do you maintain the momentum after you force the change after hitting rock bottom? this question is about how you did it as well.

like with the gym, music, girls, ball, etc. 

how did you maintain the momentum that you didn't have before to keep doing this new thing you haven't done? 

if a person is the opposite of hard working, how does he change and keep working hard if he's been non hard working for so long?

how do you change yourself and keep on doing It, what are the steps?

like could you give an example for the gym, ball, girls, etc?

3. what if a person reaches a point where you said a person should be by that time and gives up because he's not there yet?

for example, in your article about being older and being either retired, having your own business, or being high up in where you work by mid 30s if you want younger women.

what if a guy isn't there and gives up because he doesn't have those things by that age? should he just give up on younger women? doesn't matter how the guy gets there, he could have done things right and lost his job and never could get back in the field, he had a business, but it never took off, he hasn't had luck with any job at all. so here a guy is at mid 30s with none of those things financial wise, what is he to do then?   

by reading that article it seems he needs to have one of those by that age or other wise he can't get younger women.

so what would be the solution for him? does he push on to try to get girls as he works on himself even though it sounds like he can't because he isn't where he needs to be financially? or does he give up because he doesn't have those things?

4. is there anything you think I should deprogram from what you know about me and start fresh? let me know what I can work on.