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Chase so if I want to eradicate these harmful beliefs of me thinking that I can't get women because I have eczema,scars,i'm an awkward lover,not a sexy guy,have a soft voice what's more important to getting rid of it? To stop being a bitch and just leave my house to go approach girls even if I feel depressed,incompetent, or just like shit until the concerns that I have with women go away? Or do I really have to adopt the right mental mindset in order to be able to get girls? I hate feeling this way and I know I have the potential to do good with girls because I belief wholeheartedly in everything you guys teach at this site regarding dating and women. I guess i'm the aware,unwilling guy you mentioned but not cause I think nothing works or it's wrong.It's more because I think I can't do it because of those insecurities I mentioned earlier which really eat at me.