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Hey Chase,

1. How do you realistically talk to 20 or more women a week for day game if there aren't many around? I don't see too many chicks during my day, most I see are at college campuses. would you recommend them?

2. I see a lot of white women around and I'm not confident about approaching them, I don't like them that much either. should I approach them if that's the majority I see because there's so many of them compared to black girls that I see? and are black women and white women different when it comes to first date sex? like is one easier than the other? (talking about dating as a black man).

3. where did you go, how many times a week, and what times did you go you to approach 20+ women when you were doing day game?

4. is there a way to tell if a chick is with her boyfriend? I sometimes see a girl alone for a little, but then out of no where her boyfriend comes around the corner, one time a chicks father came out if no where. these are situations that I'd rather not be in, any way to avoid it and how to handle it?

5. is it weird or not for an older dude to be cold approaching women during day game as a rookie? I know if he has some skills it will be normal, but what if he is new to day game? isn't that weird because that's something late teens and 20 somethings do and should have figured out by an older age? does being an older day game rookie ruin success and does it look weird?

6. I asked you about if I should worry about not having fun after college, and you said mostly Indians worry about that, and that I shouldn't worry about it because I'm not that and that unless I plan on living the traditional boring life after college, then I should worry.

well I don't want to live the boring get married, picket fence life, working for a boss, etc.

so what would be the untraditional life that's fun for a guy like me that wants to be single and not fold to societal pressure? 

I know becoming an entrepreneur is one of them, but in the mean time with a 9-5 while I work on my business. what would be the example of a fun non traditional life that doesn't follow that boring traditional one?

7. what makes us different from men who used to get girls that don't now because they're older?

for example, I talked to a successful black guy and he said he's slept with over 400 women, but one he hit around 40 women won't look at him at all, he gets no women now and he still has money. he did mention he gained some weight, nothing to drastic, like 20-40 pounds.

so he I guess was a natural, but now he can't get any girls attracted since he got 40.

so what would make us different than that guy who was a natural with a high lay count who now says no girls want him? 

another thing black men have mentioned us cold approach. a good majority say that they don't want to get emabarresed or me too'd so they avoid but all together, they don't believe in it at all and are very against it also saying that it doesn't work like the old days.

the reason I mention that they're black is because I have always heard that we are looked at as very sexual by women and that we have high confidence.

so it's odd that one guy says that he slept with many women to now 0 and he's only 40 and many black guys are very against cold approach too.

any explanation on this? and what can we do to not have the same fate at 40?

8. lately girls do not want to get on the phone at all, it's like they're scared. they refuse to get on the phone and want to text all day.

I can tell that my conversations are pretty platonic because I don't know how to come out with a chase frame, sex talk, etc. without it being forced.

so how do you have interesting non platonic text conversations with girls? these are girls from real life and apps.

right now I'll talk about apps since these girls don't know about my voice and my smoothness over the phone.

I know you'll say meet them up, but here's another part. some of these girls live far from me, some times very far.

so getting to know them before driving far is very ideal to me than just texting and doing it, I plan to get them on the phone before a date.

so any idea on making convos non platonic and make them sexy and fun to get he on the dam phone?

also is there a way for a girl to fly to you from another state that's far? I've been on apps and was curious to see if it would work to get a girl to fly out to me because I have seen some really pretty girls, but some are like 8+ hours away by flight from me.

I figured if I could get a hotel or have them stay with me somewhere for a few days they would be down.

I'm not taking this serious or trying to make things a long distance relationship, but if I can get pretty girls to fly out and stay with me for a couple of days, I would like to know how to do that and pull it off. 

how wound you even make it look normal that you were looking in her area If you're not currently there?

what would be the tips to get a girl to fly out to you if you met her on an app or online?

this is really just for fun and to see if I can really do it, because if I can then that would be even more pretty girls for me.

Thanks Chase!!