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Hey Chase,

Just read your last reply to me and wanted to ask questions about it. Please don't take this post the wrong way, I'm not complaining or anything, just wrote a lot about the details of my pickup journey.

1. I'm still confused about how hard is it really to reach 100 lays without the notch cheat codes? Is it that hard? or am I too old to do it anymore? is there a certain age range where this can only be accomplished at? or Is 100 lays that hard to reach for anyone?

I heard dudes say they reach 100 before 25, Idk if they're lying or not, but a lot have said it, some say women reached there by 22.

I don't see why I can't get to there normally with fundamentals and game.

I'm willing to put the time in, and if it takes 2-5 years I'm down for it.

I will use the notch count methods too, but I'm not sure I'm understanding, but why does it seem to me that that's the only way for me to reach my goal? I'm willing to put more time into it, I'll do both, but I still want to be able to get numbers up the old fashion way too.

There's members on the forum who were virgins and have had sex with many women within 3-5 years and got there numbers up really high.

so I can't do that as well? I'm still willing to do the notch count cheat codes, but I'd like to also work my way up without it as well. I want to use both, but If I do decide to get a career that isn't in one of those notch counts, I'd still like to do it on my own.

I'm willing to put in the time to get there and don't mind it taking some time, but the only thing getting to me is how long things are taking to get rolling so I can have a glimpse of how many women I can get a year consistently.

I hope I can still get there. 

2. If you think 100 is too high the regular way, what is a good number then that I could get to before using notch cheat codes? I'm more or less trying to get to a high enough number where I don't feel inexperienced to others numbers. I feel 100 is enough to be higher than most.

but maybe there's a different number you might know of that I could be OK with compared to others?

I think you said 25? I think?? idk, but what would be the most high count achievable number I could get without feeling so inexperienced with notch counts compared to others and I can feel I have enough to still work hard and calm down. Like what would be the minimum amount of lays you think I or any person can get that is still high enough to not feel like he missed out?

3. The question you weren't sure I was asking about. I was saying that I slept with girls fast from work instead of slow. I believe you said that I was sleeping with so many girls from work because I won them over over a long period of time, but I actually slept with most of them very fast when I met them, like within a couple weeks.

4. To be honest Chase I have been working harder than I have in years with this now, I've been going out solo and doing dating apps heavy, still flakes. I know I've been having problems for a while, for a long while, but I really have to say it's just bad luck man, before I really commented on this site I was going out 2-3 nights a week for like 2 years consistently. I didn't get one date from that, just flakes, even though I got make outs and everything else.

So when I kept asking questions for years after that, I was in a difficult spot. I had a girl, I was broke, and I just gave up, but my mind still wanted to improve with women more.

Those were mainly the years where you kept telling me to take action and I would do a little bit when I could because the failure of the previous years of clubs and other flakes just burned me out. I got lazy and had a girl treat me like a king during those years, I almost settled down because I was tired of the flakes for all those years, but my mind didn't want to give up.

so finally after all those years I'm getting back to where I was but better, but my thing is why didn't any success happen at all during all those club years? not one date? you and I don't know why I haven't gotten a single date, even without the best fundamentals and game, one date would be normal and I got at least a number or 2 every single night. might not be a lot, but if you go out 2-3 times a week for years you should get one date.

sounds like bad luck to me man, there's no other explanation.

so yes I did have a period of action where I was going out hard trying to get women.

the only thing I didn't try consistently was day game, so you mean to tell me day game is the many year long answer? lol I really don't think so, I've tried club/bar game, I've tried online dating apps, work, etc. 

to me I highly doubt that day game is the only reason why I don't have a high notch count, it has to be bad luck man or something. There's no rhyme or reason to it.

so hopefully things get better and my luck gets 10 times better from now on, but I know it's more to this than just day game.

so basically I put in a lot of work those years at the club going 2-3 nights a week for years with nothing to show for it, I had to quit, it was too much for me, I shouldn't have kept asking you all those questions during my many year hiatus from pickup, it was my mind that wanted to keep trying it, but my emotions had enough.

my thing is, not taking action is understandable, but what about when I did take action? nothing came from it, I tried hard during those times.

so I didn't mean to not take action during those years, but I did take action for some time and got nowhere.

4. My last question is, why didn't I become a natural? I had make outs in elementary school, had sex while in my early teens, girls have always liked me, only part I messed up was not sleeping with more because I wasn't attracted to the ones who really made themselves available to me.

but guess what? even during those times girls played games with me too!! so I could never become a natural back then because of the same things I'm going through now, girls flaking!!

see actually getting laid is not the problem for me, it's getting notches. I usually have sex partners for months and years, but I want more than that I want high numbers.

so anyway, I have had girls always attracted to me, when I slept with girls they always stay attached and they come back even after years that we were together.

so I'm good in all departments, but getting multiple notches. I dealt with flakes for a long time.

so it's like, how can I become a natural with a high lay count if I try to move fast with girls and they mostly flake? even as a young dude?

I was trying kind of hard then too, had chick's attracted, but many did not want to go further.

it was mind wracking as it is now. 

but I had an early start, I've done sexual things at an early age, I even tried to get more notches, but got flakes, it's like a never got a chance to become a natural because of flakes.

the only option I had to get lays was to sleep with girls I didn't want or join a sports team.

but that's it? hard work doesn't work for me? I tried to get a lot of girls to sleep with me back then, I wasn't thirty or anything, but I would talk to them and try to get them alone with me. I was always cool and even more take it or leave it back then. I was very nonchalant about it and figured if she wants me then she'll come.

and it's always been like this lol I can have every girl at school or work like me, but many won't do more.

so basically I didn't become a natural because I didn't sleep with women I didn't want? but the ones who showed attraction that I did want decided to flake on me for whatever reason? sounds mad doesn't it? lol

basically I should have slept with any girl and had no standards then I guess.

well, all I can say is hopefully things get better and I get to be where I feel like I deserve and things work out well.

my only problem is getting multiple lays, which come from girls flaking, so my problem is flakes mostly. 

I just have to find out what I can fix.

all of the girls I slept with I didn't do anything different, I didn't act anyway different than I act with other women. so idk what to work on.

I'm honestly tired of asking questions to everyone, I want to be able to help guys achieve what they want. I want the experience to help guys with women and life.

And another thing is, I have no bad intentions with these women, I want them to feel good, I want to make love to them, that's what I want, I want to have a high notch count to have memories of beautiful women. I feel that I should be able to have that pretty consistently.

I just hope that it isn't too late to achieve what I want with women.

I appreciate all the advice over the years man, really do, just please tell me I can fix this thing that I have always had a hard time with and get to make beautiful memories with beautiful women.

I'll just think really hard on what I can work on.

I want to fix this and I will.

Thanks Chase