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Hey Chase,

1. read a comment about someone doing one invite a day challenge. how does this work exactly and how do you get girls comfortable enough to make it work? can you use hotels and ask to go to their places too? should I try this with apps?

2. when you said your friend didn't make women comfortable enough and wrote them off too fast after not sleeping with them. isn't it the right thing to do to cut women off after not sleeping with them? and what did he do to make them more comfortable?

3. when a girl ignores your text, what do you text her? I know you're supposed to wait a day or two, but what's the next text to restart things? I'm taking about texting and apps. a girl could be talking to me and I'll ask something she'll ignore it. what am I supposed to text her back? should you even text a girl again after she ignores your question or text?

4. What can I do to become financially well-off and get high status now and as an older dude that attracts younger women?

I told you a while ago that I had to get out of my stem major because I kept failing the basic math classes, even accounting and finance is out, so I'm just getting a degree that I can use for tech, but it's not a guaranteed degree at all.

so I'm not counting on my degree to make me well-off.

I was going to do freelance, but I heard up work was screwing over people with many fees and charges and it is pretty much over unless you already have a bunch of clients. so that doesn't seem doable now to me either.

and how do older men get status anyway? 

right now I have 30k-40k debt and I'm lost on how I could become a financially well-off high status man.

if you can think of any options please let me know.

5. Do you believe in giving up because you feel you can't do it? I feel that way now because I feel I'm getting too old to get up to my notch count goal. I feel I'll never get there, I'm relatively young though, but these are my bad thoughts.

Do you believe that having thoughts like that should stop you from doing what you want to do and achieve?

my fundamentals are good and I'm improving myself a lot more than I have before. I'm taking a lot more action too, but with how long things are taking should I just give up? or still keep my goal?

my finances also make me want to give up as well because I'm behind.

to make it short, I still want to achieve my goals with women and notch count, but I keep telling myself it's too late and it's taking too long to get anywhere, I'm too old.

should I not let that bother me and keep pushing ahead for what I want?

6. In your opinion, do you think it's worth it put women off and focus on getting your shit together? I put women off for a couple years because I just gave up, and I feel I can't waste anymore time not getting my skills up, but I want to get more money as well. I don't make enough to get my own place and car at the same time.

so basically these two are tied together on how important they are to me.

but I would have to cut women off a long while because I have a lot to work for a while to get these things, and I mean quitting cold turkey learning no skills with women.

7. This question is about finances as well, so on the boards it seems that posters really go crazy for missing out in college.

I don't want to be crazy like that.

does it make sense for me to make less money, not have my own place, and to go to school so I can get the college experience with girls? is the skill learning worth it? I know this is the most I'll probably be around girls in one setting.

how do I even pick up from there? I'm so lost. I try to cold approach on campus, but girls aren't giving me any signals at all.

I'm an older dude and don't know if it'll be worth it, but I wanted your opinion on it.

would it be weird to join clubs or try to mesh in with the young folk? should I just do things on my own? is it even worth it and is it really that much big of a deal?

8. When a girl flakes, how do you fall back the right way without falling back too much? I'm talking about a girl flaking without even responding to your call or message, or should you be done with that?

how do you fall back without moving too slow?