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Hey chase good article. This is like that comment you responded where I was thinking since i'm a beginner that any girl I manage to sleep with will want a relationship with me since i'm mostly a provider. I've been having internal resistance for a long time when it comes to actually approaching because I always feel like I have to know what i'm doing,do it correctly and predict the outcome. I hate that I never get anything done because I have that drive and that ambition inside me deep down. But everytime I see a woman I like I think oh I can't i'm on lunch break don't wanna be late,i'm at the train station or in a subway car in my black work clothes that's wasting my time. Or I have some skin blemishes on my face and I think I look lile shit when I might not even look that bad,but my brain thinks it's keeping me safe from harm. How can I override this mentality of having to do things the right way? Also would you approach girls if you think you look like shit and if you were feeling depressed and doubtful? I watch the videos hector puts out and I read the articles you and everybody else writes and focus on the dates and lays,but think that you guys had it easy and you're always on fire with women. You highlight the successes to show that pickup and game can work in your favor if you follow a good process,but me I have this belief that is wasn't that hard for you,your struggles were short lived , you always knew how to handle situations and got results quickly. Do I just take action and cast aside these inner game problems that I have with myself?