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Yes, both are good points. These do seem to happen almost like clockwork, don't they?

6-7 months is the power play for relationship title. 

Her: "What are we? Boyfriend / Girlfriend"

You could also add another relationship pattern. "6 months after they dead you out, they call you and say, 'What happened to us? Remember all the good times we had together?"  That's the point where they moved on to the next guy, who wouldn't give her what she wanted, and now he's "deaded out" and she needs your leadership again because she is lost in an emotional rebound.

Multiple relationships... yeah, they're tricky. Past a certain amount of time if she doesn't feel like it's going somewhere she'll hit eject. It really needs to feel like an exclusive relationship, even if she knows it's not.

The big trick with all this stuff is the facts can be whatever, so long as the feelings are there. If the feelings aren't there, it doesn't matter what the facts are, she won't be happy.