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It only takes ONE TRAIT OR ACTION to make yourself dead to a woman. I always keep my emotions in check.

Maybe you don't have a 6 figure job. Maybe you own a Samsung and she only uses iPhone. Maybe you cheering for Alabama or Clemson turned her off. Maybe she's looking for a new orbiter and you won't be taken advantage of. Maybe you have a PS4 and not a Xbox One. P.S. is Halo that damn good? Never played it.

Women only see men as Alpha/Lover, Beta/Provider, or Useless/Invisible. If she saw you as beta and you cut her off, she now sees you as useless. Useless meaning you're no orbiter or simp, but you're no sexy alpha lover either.

A woman will make any reason to ghost you. Sometimes just say you worked things out with your ex and got back together. Above all, you're not interested in unreceptive girls/ unresponsive girls are not sexy.

Alas, if you feel a girl is doing this act, move on and don't look back. Second place is first loser, AKA you lost to a more valuable guy.