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Dear Chase,

That's the best article yet.  You hit the nail on the head with:

"Women, on the other hand, want constant movement in their relationships, and get antsy if the relationship spends too long in stasis...

One surefire way to make a woman go nuts: just don't change anything and don't advance the relationship for 6+ months. She's certain to start feeling like something must be Very Wrong."

6-7 months is the power play for relationship title. 

Her: "What are we? Boyfriend / Girlfriend"
Me: "What does that mean? Monogamy? We can be monogamous...what more do you want?"
Her: "My girlfriends want to know if we are in a relationship."
Me: "The problem with relationship titles, is that there's unwritten rules that make the relationship about the relationship, instead of enjoying life together."

This pacifies her for about 2 seconds, and then the shit tests come.  I find my phone locked when I get out of the shower.  She complains about me going out at night and socializing, but calls me drunk at night with her friends and tells me they think I'm cheating on her.  On to the next one...

You could also add another relationship pattern. "6 months after they dead you out, they call you and say, 'What happened to us? Remember all the good times we had together?"  That's the point where they moved on to the next guy, who wouldn't give her what she wanted, and now he's "deaded out" and she needs your leadership again because she is lost in an emotional rebound.

Hardcoded patterns.  Very repeatable and predictable.  I was just "deaded out" two weeks ago.  I thought she could handle multiple relationships.  Your article helped clarify women psychology with leadership.  I won't make that mistake again.