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Dear Chase,

Women reactions described in article happened to me few times, but mostly soon after I meet that girls. One happened last year and the other two three and four years ago, and I still sometimes catch myself thinking about it. I believe your reply will help a lot of guys that experience extremely cold behaviour soon after they meet girl.

The first one was four years ago where girl that at first conversation was warm suddenly went ice cold and even little bit rude. We were on some business trip and she was translator. After some time it started to annoy me so I decided to talk with her and ask her what is wrong and why she behaviour like that. She was little bit surprised and told me that she is not fully aware of it and that everything is fine with me. After that from day to day her coldness toward me started to melt and after few days she was nice again. We meet from time to time on buseness trips and sometimes she starts to be cold but soon returns in normal mode. I even think if I had time I maybe could push things forward with her.

The second time was three years ago and it was at the same time really terrifying and funny how one girl was extremely cold toward me. There was one party where I was invited. There were a lot of my friends and people I know there including even girl I mentioned above. Everybody received me very warmly and were happy to see me. I was popular it that circle. But one Russian girl was so extremely ice cold to me without any known reason. When we were talking she tryed to express as more as possible how cold she is toward me. We were not talking a lot at all, and after party and meeting when we drived them to back to airport she said goodbye to everybody there except me.

The third time was last year where simply two Russian girls after short talk with me started to be ice cold. Conversation was light with little deep diving  from my side, but language barrier maked harder to me to give my best.

My guess is that probably I was not fulfied their expectations. Those were business trips and parties and probably I was not recognized as good lover or someone that can give them good time. Please tell me what do you think that can be cause of women "dead to her" behaviour soon after men meet them? Do all things written on article that is focussed on breakup time can be applied on the beggining of interaction with girl?

Kind regards,