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Hey Chase, somethin similar happened to me recently.

Remember that girl that I said she blocked me on Facebook, then she ended up being in the same groupchat with me, then unblocked me, then created her own private group and invited me as well as 2 soft-guys (her 1st 2 boyfriends were gang members for the most part).

I been conversating with her for 3 months on Facebook and then, she recently broke up with her 2nd bf, then a few weeks after, changed her profile pic to sluttier. Her father who is religious and Christian, posted something sarcastic that I think he was offended and she denies. Then I said "If your parents weren't on your Facebook, you'd be sluttier."

And then she went on the "Wdf did you just call me a slut?"

And then went on a rampade, making "F Neal, f his virgin ass, I pull more bitches than him and I don't even try."

Then she kicks me out her groupchat, unfriends me on Facebook, so pretty much everything except block me...

I'm willing to bet however, if another guy friend whom she has 0 attraction to calls her a slut, whether direct or indirect, she'd care less, make a less deal about it. Sounds like a shit test too. Her msg window is still open so maybe she wants me to msg her some day.