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Hey Chase,

I did a few things which ruined my reputation a bit.
So I used to be this cool guy with some status. I meet girls and they like me.
And then I started to ignore girls and did not even say hi. For some reason, I thought it was cool
I kept hearing comments that I was arrogant and I said to myself : "Cool, these people respect me!"
In reality they despise me. In about a year, I blew up my whole reputation and girls just hate me.
It took me sometime to realize but now I can say I was socially uncalibrated.

My questions are:
1. How do I take it from there? I considered being really nice but then again, I'm scared of coming across as a pussy and nice guy (which is one of the main reasons I started ignoring people)
2. This whole ignoring people kind of intoxicated my mind. Some part of me does think that it will make me cooler even though a friend of mine was able to point out that most cool dudes never do this. But its still not clicking.
How can I break free from this?
3. Most girls in my social circle think I'm a jerk. Is it possible to win them back?
4. Why do I get the impression that its cool to ignore? I seem to see cool people do it to me but maybe they do it just because I started it in the first place.
5. The main comment I hear from people is that I'm arrogant. And that's from people whom I have not yet met.
Is this kind of arrogant what you advocate guys to be just a bit because women love prideful men?
So far, it only got me hate so I'm completely off course.

Clearly I'm missing something but I'm too dumb to see it.
Please help me out