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Great article once again. It resonates with me a lot. I can remember several times I received this type of attitude by women I really liked. At start, when you are new, you really get hurt by it. It seems like some kind of "treason" against you. You find it "unfair" etc Only later as a man you realise that this is done by women not out of strength, but out of weakness. It means you managed to affect them emotionally.

However, could the exact same behaviour be explained not as something that she wanted from you and didn't get, but as a preemptive protective mechanism against a practical development in her life. For instance, a girl knows that she is leaving to another country to study or work. Or, she leaves for the entire summer and knows that she can't possibly hold a relationship by distance until she comes back. So, she cuts you off anyway, no matter what you had to offer to her.