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You're probably thinking of this study.

If found "women stated a mean preference for males who were taller than themselves by 6.7 in."

There's a big difference between stating a preference and what people will actually end up with in the real world. Real world mate choices are restricted to available partners, and people are forced to choose among the different traits they like. Most people will never find mates with the perfect metrics on everything they'd like to have. So they must choose.

Just wondering, for all these people that do day game, and say it's a #s name, what if they took into consideration the women's relative height? For example, if they tried picking up girls that were 1-2 inches shorter, they had bad success, but when they tried picking up girls 5-6 inches shorter, they had considerably higher success?

Is it possible to survey your boys this?

I don't think this is all that crucial a factor. I'm 6', and I'd say roughly at least half women I've had are 5'4" or taller. Might be a majority. Partly that is because I'm just not interested in women much shorter than that, unless they are very pretty.

And this of course, begs my next question: is it easy for a girl to break up with a guy, that was only 1-2 inches taller than her, to a guy that is 5-6 inches taller than her?

I doubt it.

Unless the guy has so little else going for him that height is one of his most prominent attributes, for good or for ill.