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I thought this was way too important of an element to leave out or that needed be included so a little surprised but wouldn't "What to cook" be a very vital piece of this?

I've done this only a handful of times as my logistics has changed since discovering this but from experience I would imagine there's definitely some specifc no-no's and general do not guidelines e.g. strong tasting foods (garlic, onions etc.), asking about allergies, avoiding food known to cause gas or bloating, overly complex dishes or ones that take too long (over an hour), etc. Can you speak to this and what would you recommend? Are there "sexy" dishes or ones closer related to seduction? And ones that would probably leave a woman self-conscious about not wanted the quick and sudden passionate makeout. Not every girl will be inticed by the spaggetti sauce still on the corner of your lip.

For me, I also consider auromas and have tried skipping dinner and "let's make a fun dessert" sudden date that seemed way more fun and too a super highway to high emotions, fun, and a "mess".

Or am I wrong and it doesn't matter?

Also, what changes when the dinner date is actually at her place? Whether due to better logistics, the natural way things fell, or because she has a bigger kitchen or what have you.