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Hey Chase, I remember reading a textbook on psychology, probably 1990s, that women surveyed being attracted to guys the most when they are 6 inches taller than them.

Now I'm 5'9" and hand out pamphlets to women, with White women the highest rejection. Perhaps there's a correlation that the shorter and shorter a woman, the more and more likely they'll accept my pamphlet.

Just wondering, for all these people that do day game, and say it's a #s name, what if they took into consideration the women's relative height? For example, if they tried picking up girls that were 1-2 inches shorter, they had bad success, but when they tried picking up girls 5-6 inches shorter, they had considerably higher success?

Is it possible to survey your boys this?

And this of course, begs my next question: is it easy for a girl to break up with a guy, that was only 1-2 inches taller than her, to a guy that is 5-6 inches taller than her?