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You can use it for any date where it'll fit! If you have a great first date, it'll work fine as your second date in the 2-week get-a-girlfriend process.

So long as she's comfortable enough with you to come to your place, and she's close enough to being ready for sex, it'll often work. You might be able to get it work sometimes she isn't quite ready, but she's close enough, and you're able to do the rest of the work on that date, at your place.

If you want a text to set it up (assuming a good rapport with her, and one solid date already completed with her):

Hey Clara! Hope the family trip went awesome =) Just got back from my trip to Austin myself... man, what a great town. Hey, so I'm thinking we cook dinner and mix some unique drinks sometime in the next few days. I have the perfect setup for a great cooked meal, and this new mixed drink shaker I'm dying to try out. You game to help me break it in?