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Wow, thanks Chase.

The socratic method also can apply to any conversation honestly with anyone who has extreme opinions of anything. That is very useful stuff I especially like this bit of philosophy you put in

"My personal stance is unless we are close in some way, she's not going to listen to me. So there's really not a need for me to try to 'convince her' of anything.Also, if she's going around proselytizing, she is not really someone I need to spend my time debating, since she is a foot soldier."

There is no point into wasting time with footsoldiers with extremists views as it does not do you or anyone much good. Your bit of philosophy also follows the law of least effort in a way I notice. When you get the base concepts of what GirlsChase is founded on you can usually figure out the answers to very specific things or questions like I have. That is what I will try to do from now on.

After the handful of conversations I've had like this, the woman is always like "He gets it. Chase gets it. Guys need to be more like Chase." And they tell this to their male feminist allies who claim to agree with all their positions, which I always find rather absurd.

I bet some other guys do this as well. They just want to find someone to sleep with and as long as the feminists is cute enough he will sleep with her but won't commit anything else to her. That leads these feminists to have warped views that most people agree with them and also makes them bitter that the only thing men want is sex when they have been actively turning men off from pursueing anything deeper with then which then leads them deeper into the bitter feminist hole. Sad stuff.

 I am going to read your answer over just so I have it memorized because all of it is life changing stuff.