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Well, improve your fundamentals ;)

I don't know how good-looking BluBlac59 is. I have seen a lot of guys say "I am a good-looking guy" where the guy has pictures of himself, and women proceed to tear him to bits in the comment section and say he is not good-looking at all. Maybe that's not the case for this guy and he genuinely is good-looking, but as far as I'm concerned it's pretty much the law of the Internet at this point... claim you are something, and a thousand voices will protest you're not.

I appreciate you saying I am too! I get that from some women (and some guys). I also get women who say I am not that attractive. Some who say I am okay, but not that far above average. It's extremely subjective. So in general, I won't worry about it. A woman can tell me I am not attractive (and mean it...), but experience tells me even if she thinks I'm not good-looking I can still attract and bed her regardless. Although if I end up dating her then I will need to listen to months or years of her reminding me I am not attractive and XYZ random guy is much better-looking than I am (doesn't actually bother me any... I will just rib her on something else, like her cooking or cleanliness or whatever makes for an easy target).

What about guys on here who have naturally poor fundamentals and are needing to use all of the GC wisdom just to get their first girlfriend and keep her around? Should the guy still take the gamble and risk walking away even though they will be empty threats?

I was 20-25 lbs overweight, with a terrible $12 haircut, a mumbly voice, and the fashion style of an overgrown man-child when I took my first girlfriend. She was way out of my league and luck played as much a role in me getting her at the time as my still-beginner-level game did. There were a few times I had to threaten to walk, and actually did walk, early on, despite being terrified I'd never be able to find another girl remotely in her league again. I did it though, because at least to me, even as Chubby Chase, I could not have lived being stuck in a situation where I felt trapped. I went through that everyday for the entirety of my teenage years and early 20s, and basically realized I would rather be alone, having to figure things out on my own, then stuck in a bad situation.

So I guess I would say... if you totally lack abundance, then look for that part inside yourself that would rather go it alone than be trapped, even if that meant giving up something you weren't sure you could replace.

That doesn't mean be cavalier about threatening to walk over the slightest thing.

But you should have that ability tucked away, able to use in emergency situations.

If you don't have it, and can't summon the willpower to walk away from a bad situation, bad situations will find you.

All my girlfriends are quite a bit better looking than me, by most of my friends' estimations, as well as my own, by the way ;)

And I will still walk if they're going to be irresolutely disagreeable on something crucial.