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Hey Chase.

I want to tell you a new concept and that's men shit-testing men in front of women. You know how women have men in their friendzone? And they never straight up ask them "Do you think I'm sexy, would you fuck me" sort of thing. Well sometimes I can do that to men in front of her, to see if he flakes out, acts all insecure about it. (This would make her attraction to him go down.). But this is the side of me that thinks like a woman. For me to shit-test men. It's kinda fun. That's 1 way to stand out.

Unfortunately I also shit-test women.

1. You know how sometimes when woman approach a random guy to say a few things and leave, causing the guy to go "damn, I wish I asked for her # or something" well then men can learn from this and do the same to women.

2. In a Facebook groupchat a girl with big breasts and ass, posted she thought her Uber/Lyft driver was hot, I bounced it back to her "Did you tell him that?" "You have the balls to tell us that, but not to him?" "Where are your balls" etc and etc.