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Hey chase so one of the things you've mentioned in this article and other countless articles is that as a man your woman has to know that you have the ability to walk away and get other woman,but what if you are relatively inexperienced and don't have that ability yet and she knows it instinctively? As a beginner should you even get into a relationship with a girl? If I got that girl I have been eyeing at work who may also like me is it smart for me to get in a relationship with her even if she moved departments? You won't have that abundance , you won't know how to lead, and she probably will be able to get away with what she wants like going out to drink with her girlfriends or telling you what to do. Also should you even have a high standards for a girlfriend as a beginner especially if you're a virgin? I think about the standards you and hector have for girlfriends and they are very similiar, conservative two parent household, bachelors degree, intelligent,beautiful, confident,strong willed, big breasts and/or big butt( for hector lol). Should someone like me look or try to make girls similiar to this my girlfriend? Or should I lower my standards like in that article you've written? I assumed that lowering your standards applied strictly to girls that you simply wanna fuck and don't neccesarily want to enter a relationship with. When you're new it's inevitable that you will come off as a boyfriend/provider since you don't have the mindset or characteristics of strictly a lover. So it's almost like the expectation will always be set that you wanna be their bf. And this can be bad if you just wanted to sleep with them to build up your self esteem,experience have a good time and don't wanna hurt them.