What Caused the Trust Collapse Between Women and Men? | Girls Chase

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Hello Chase

I’m a big fan, and I still believe your original Girls Chase textbook is one of the best references out there.
Your site first introduced me to Zan Perrion, and his focus on authenticity in game continues to guide me on my development path.

The first part of the article you wrote can be mirrored on many other men’s sites.
Conservative men lamenting the loss of male leadership fail, in my opinion, to understand the deeper issues going on.

I would like to recommend a non – game book : Foragers, farmers and Fossil Fuels – Ian Morris. At first it simply reads like any other human evolutionary textbook.
The key takeaway is far more nuanced. Except for a few very basic human values such as fairness and some others, all our evolved value systems are a direct response to our evolving socio-economic circumstances.

When we were hunter gatherers /foragers – there were virtually no hierarchies, no property, and society was fairly egalitarian, with an important caveat. The Polarity between Men and Women was maintained and was the foundation for all their social interactions.

Agriculture, having land and a need to defend that land and its output, resulted in centralized power hierarchies, patriarchy and the subsequent male breadwinner , female child-rearing and sex provider roles. ( I am oversimplifying here, it lead to many of the complexities and cruelties of the past few thousand years that are described in your article )

The Rocket, the first steam locomotive, did its maiden run in 1829 – a mere 190 years ago .

As we moved into the industrial socio-economy, with its focus on urbanization, all the old social ties, developed over the past 8-10,000 years , have been affected – this is what you are discussing in that article.

And now we are moving into a forth socio-economic order, the post-industrial world, where internet connectivity allows us to get make contact with people geographically far away. What this means for our interactions between men and women we are currently in the process of finding out…..

But for those men who lament the old patriarchal model, the only way to return to that is to turn the clock back on all the advances we have made in the past 190 years, and go back to a pure agrarian society again.

Instead, it may be possible that as we move into the 4th stage of human development, we could return to some of the egalitarian features of hunter-gatherer societies, provided that the neutered geeks running our governments and (anti)-social media don’t continue to derail it with their insistence on merging male and female identities into one miserable androgynous (but politically correct ) lump.

Egalitarianism with a clear respect and appreciation for the polarity of the male and female could make a great future society.
Without the polarity, we have what we are now experiencing – a miserable amorphous mess that nobody is happy about.
That, coupled with a trend towards greater state regulation in all aspects of our lives including our interactions with each other, is making for rather trying times…..

one thing i have noticed is that younger women tend to be more confused and sensitive about things like touch and who should take the initiative when we first meet .......older - over 30 or 35 - women tend to be more comfortable with touch and also more forgiving of our occasional 'faux pas' .