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Ah, copy that.

Yes, the women who are most susceptible to popular culture can have those sorts of schizophrenic reactions. They're attracted to you, then freaked out by that attraction. Their biology wants it, but their society has told them it's bad to want it.

I've had friends who specialized in sleeping with these sorts of schizophrenic chicks. They like the broken girls, the radical feminists, etc. Usually the guys are pretty extreme right wing themselves... I guess they see these girls as a challenge. The girls really like them and frequently get attached, while the guys themselves typically just see these girls as amusing conquests and not girlfriend material. The girls always pair up with a nice guy for something long-term, and often are dating or married to a nice guy while shagging my friends. You've got to be real careful with these girls though due to the ego issues they have. Definitely dodgy territory.

There was an incident along the lines of what you're talking about here the other day I read about, where a guy had a woman at his workplace getting more and more aggressive in her advances at work, then starting to go scorched earth talking about 'harassment' and him 'making her uncomfortable' when he rejected her. Dude had a 'no dating at work' policy and reported the gal to HR and had HR talk to a bunch of witnesses as soon as she started her revenge crusade.

I personally think it's just a lot healthier to be a little flirty at work, just to maintain a good relationship with female coworkers, and simply otherwise just avoid them as much as possible without looking weird about it, unless you're on your way out of the company (my M.O. in the past when I had office jobs was to keep low level flirtations going on with girls at work, then not actually shag them until I was leaving the company / had already left. Kept the workplace drama to a minimum).

Further, socially, the men are incredibly tepid, within even remotely risque banter deemed 'sexist' or 'inappropriate'.  And I don't mean saying crass 'check out the tits on that' type remarks.  But commenting directly that a woman is attractive is seen as objectifying.  They're like the hobbits from The Shire who have never been travelling around Middle Earth.

Could be office culture or industry culture. I've been out of the office for a little while (almost a decade now), but even back then there were some places where the men were like this, but mostly not anywhere I worked. Was still an old boys' club in the office jobs I had, with the token female hires either getting with the program and having fun with it, or getting too uncomfortable and transferring out. Much healthier environment for you if you're a man, or a woman who's comfortable with men.

So, whether you're changing countries, cities, or just jobs/industries, you might well find you have better luck elsewhere.