What Caused the Trust Collapse Between Women and Men? | Girls Chase

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Yes, I am currently sifting through job offers elsewhere.   Not Sweden, in fact the opposite end of the planet.

I find it quite weird.  One woman I knew, who said to me once she found me 'intimidating', used to follow me around the gym.  Further, when she was drunk, she would get touchy feely (from a very reserved culture where public touching is generally frowned upon).  She recently married a nerdy, dull boring dude; probably the most boring conversation of my life was with him.  He is safe and steady but.  She seemed a bit schizophrenic.  

The women are a bit of a mix; in the work place, a lot try to shut down/shame men from acting masculine (they're usually the ones who can't get a man on looks and femininity, the careerist types); outside the workplace women are a mix of 'schizophrenic' behaviour I just described and clear discomfort, as if I'm not playing to the script I'm supposed to and are confused. 

On the other hand, I've been propositioned at work by the more feminine types, had a married woman in my office intentionally bending over in front of me and rubbing my bicep and another actively seeking my atttention by being in my proximity (it drove her nuts when I paid her no mind, but i could see her keep glancing over).

But I"m not going to risk doing anything at work given the overall climate.  Further, socially, the men are incredibly tepid, within even remotely risque banter deemed 'sexist' or 'inappropriate'.  And I don't mean saying crass 'check out the tits on that' type remarks.  But commenting directly that a woman is attractive is seen as objectifying.  They're like the hobbits from The Shire who have never been travelling around Middle Earth.

In short, I have had to sift long and hard to find people I could relate to, now my career opportunities may take me elsewhere thankfully.