What Caused the Trust Collapse Between Women and Men? | Girls Chase

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This is a very accurate description of life today.  Not just in America but in other western countries.  I currently live in one, which has a strong feminist influence, in the capital city.  You very accurately describe the situation on the ground. 

Unfortunately my experience (and pre-emptive observation prior to deciding whether to engage with someone), is it is too far gone in a number of ways.  I am well versed in gender politics, the 'red pill' and are widely enough read and educated to understand things without the indoctrination and propaganda of the modern force of left-wing feminist politics.

On the other hand, where I live now, most are incredibly insular, having lived 'inside the bubble' of 'tolerant', 'progressive' politics; it's all they know.  Trying to even explain the situation in a meta-sense would be foreign, confusing and 'offensive' to them, even if I tried.  

As a result, I simply do not bother interacting with locals beyond a few who pass through my filters and tests.  I am living the reality I first read about in blogs.  They are mostly far too blinkered and brainwashed.

The situation on the ground? Even friendly banter is frowned upon.  Touch a woman on the shoulder whilst making conversation? Well, you are acting entitled.  Observe the biological differences between men and women? Sexist and misogynist.  Women frequently comment on the barriers in place for women, yet we have female national political leaders and my organisation is mostly staffed with women in top positions.  Even HR at my office, without any relevance, talk about how important it is that women are given the opportunity to be in higher positions because of past prejudice etc.  Any attempt to act in a natural, masculine manner is either derided or shamed.  In short, women both in my office and around town, want compliant gimps.  I am astounded by the men attractive women date: meek, effeminate, compliant gimps.  Yet I have been called 'intimidating' for acting in a strong, confident, masculine manner.  As you said, women have been trained to view this as 'acting out privilege', 'toxic masculinity' etc.

Companies in my industry proudly trumpet plans to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions, rather than looking at positions based on merit.  This gives me little hope for the future.  "Equality" describing in actuality, a power grab.  

There is no polarity between the sexes and things are dull and colourless.  I've come to dread social interactions with locals.  Everything is safe and inoffensive.  Women are more masculine and men are more feminine.

At work, I avoid interacting with women as the risk is simply not worth it.  The hypocrisy however is astounding as women constantly fish for my attention, make eyes at me etc.  It's a trap indeed. Yet woman constantly complain out aloud about how bad men are, yet if I were to do the same about women, I wouldn't have a job.

The point of all this?  It IS actually as bad as the 'red' and 'black' code levels you describe.  I'm going to move it is that bad.