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Hey Chase,

Had questions, not many questions, but they're pretty detailed because of the new dating experiences I've been going through since I talked to you last time. I don't plan on writing this much again anytime soon, but please bear with me because a lot has been going on that I'm stumped on.

The good news is I've been going out solo more, using apps, getting in the gym, stepping out of my comfort zone, and working on other things for some time.

1. I know dating apps and clubs aren't the best places, but isn't that the easiest way to meet a lot of women? I'm trying to get to my 100 notch count goal and I'd like to try to get there as fast as I can (within 2-4 years), I just started apps, but I figured I could get some luck or something, but haven't, same with clubs. I keep doing club game because I want to succeed in it and master it , but it's been so many years of not getting anywhere I don't know anymore.

I'm surprised bars are one of the best places to meet women.

Anyway, if I'm trying to reach 100 notches wouldn't the apps and clubs be my only choice to do it quickly? I know you made an article about how to do it, but most require a life change that I'm not ready to commit to yet, so I wanted to focus on these two because I believe I can get more notches because of the volume of women I can meet. 

Do you think it's still possible to reach 100 in about the same time with mostly day game? I feel it'll take me a lot longer with day game than apps and club, I'm guessing I'll have to combine them, but the girls I get are flakey from apps and clubs I admit, but I still have to get good at all aspects of game to reach where I want to reach.

2. My thing with the apps is this, how do some guys get laid so much with them? Not talking about guys who girls think look extremely good, I mean guys who get girls to come out and actually not flake on them and come back with them to sleep with them with minimal games?  I get many matches, so my profile is decent, but I get girls who just go ghost. There's success stories on the forums of dudes sleeping with so many girls off apps, that's basically what I'm trying to do, get as many lays as I can in a fast time so I can stop worrying about this. A dude I know said he slept with 20+ girls off apps in a few months. Other dudes I know keep talking about all the girls they smash and dates they get off apps, but for me I just get bullshit, how come? I get their numbers fast, give them a quick call to build rapport and they are excited for the date, then ghost. I follow all your tips for talking on the phone, texting, setting the date up, etc. I just don't get how these guys get laid so easy and I'm here struggling to even get a chick out, even though I'm getting matches galore. Are they just getting lucky? Why am I not getting anything? What can I do to get these girls from apps to meet up like these guys are?

3. There was a stretch of time where I would go out 2-3 nights per week to the clubs consistently for over 2-3 years. I have had numbers, dances, and kisses galore, but no meet ups after. I know you say this is one of the worst ways to get dates and you should use them for ons, but when the hell do u get a lucky break? I can't get one girl to come out with me after going out for years? I know the club sucks, but how is that even possible I couldn't even get lucky at all? Then you have the dating apps, no luck with that either? I'm not even talking about sex, I'm talking about dates and a chance to have it.

What could I be doing wrong for going out for years and not having one girl meet up at all after?

How can I get many matches on apps and not meet up with one girl? When there's dudes who started off worse than me cleaning up?

I feel like a pathetic loser because I have all this knowledge from here and get good responses from women all these years and I haven't gotten a girl out from any of these places for years. 

4. So with the hotel, is it better to not ask the girl about going to her place and just try the hotel invite? I heard girls will feel slutty, how do we fix that? And should we pay for the whole thing?

5. Do you still recommend not paying for dates? Even if it's a coffee, drinks, ice cream, etc.? How do you not look cheap going dutch on those things. Just making sure.

6. Think you could make an article when you shouldn't reach out to a flake?/like it's a waste of time to contact again? And how you should contact them again if you do? I recently had a flake (Dating app smh) where a girl literally spoke to me days and the day prior, very excited to see me, gave me compliance, all of that, then day of, she flaked, no response. So I called her a few days later, she gave her excuse and she said she wanted to see me, it never happened because she went ghost again. Dudes on the forum said if a chick wants to see you she will, but I know you say chicks can flake and to be cool about it, but I feel I wasted my time with this one. So maybe you can give me some quick tips on if you should reach out to a flake or should she be the one to reach out to you first? And if so what's the best way to reach out and get a date? For example, should you wait for a girl to hit you up if she didn't respond to you the day of the date? Or should you just forget about her if she doesn't hit you back in a few days? That happened to me, she never hit me up, but I called her a few days later and she was nice and submissive, she still didn't come out though, so I want to know when should we just leave a flake alone?

7. Why is getting girls so hard for me? Well getting dates and laid with many women? I was on this site for years, dudes I went out with for years getting more lucky than me and they don't know about any of this shit, they just get more lucky than me in the same environments. These guys aren't spitting much game, I see them, the girls do most of the work from giving the number to setting up the date. Im not saying every girl is doing this, but some do. This is not even just night game, college game too (which is like day game) I went through a whole semester without any chicks showing me any signs of attraction, which surprises the hell out of me, I have been going hard to be more social and stepping out my comfort zone a lot in college. I can't think of any attraction signals being thrown my way at all during that whole semester. While one of my boys got an easy lay from a chick that did all the work for him that seen him on campus.

So I don't get why this is so hard and unlucky for me to succeed at all, I don't even get bones thrown at me or any luck, and this has been going on for 5+ years!! Ive always been in decent shape, and I have good fashion, great hygine, hairstyle, etc, many people have told me this. There's something I'm not getting or understanding that guys who don't even study this stuff get, this shouldn't be this hard for me really. I hope somehow you can pinpoint what is going on where nothing is working for me, it feels like there some power over me to not get women consistently and it is 10 times harder than it should be. I hope you can tell me what I could be doing wrong and help me get this feeling off of me. I feel I should get lucky some of the time while I work on myself, I put myself in a lot of nerve wracking situations in college and going out solo and this is months were talking, I'm being more social, talking more, trying to join groups while being way older than the students, I'm trying here for real!! I should get a couple of dates and lays, or at least a chick making conversation with me to make things easier some of the time. But there's just something that is making it hard for me to get some luck, hope you can help me solve this problem I've been having for a while.