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Hi Chase, thank you very much for replying. I'm actually from Norway :-). She wasn't wasted, she still talked normally and I met her around 2:30 AM and we talked until 7 AM before we heading to my place. So she had like 4 hours to sober up and she was staying in my bed until 5 PM. I think too that hitting on totally wasted girl is completely wrong. She thanked me that I didn't left her alone and for the intimacy. She probably just wanted to blow off some steam and I wasn't the right guy for more for her. Unfortunately for me, she was pretty much my dream girl.

I always struggled with the Norwegian culture. Because there are the sober Norwegians: distance, reserved, skeptical about strangers and the drunk Norwegians: open, liking to meet new people, more personal. And many bars in Norway are designed for big groups, so they are sitting at a table from 4 til 8 people and just walking to this groups and speaking with one of them is for me at least really hard. And the social rule in Norway is, never talk to stranger in public transport. Because of all that about 400000 people in Norway don't have any friends.

So it's way easier for me to talk to strangers when a had two drinks :-).

To speak to a woman during the day is really difficult for me. I need a lot off confidence to just walk to a girl on the street and talking with her.

Do you have any tips about that?

Where can I meet sober girls during the day? At cafés?

And the last question, how can I move a girl when I met her at quite place in bar, nightclub?

Should her just ask to move to next table, a couple of meters away when I fist talked to her or should I asking her if she wanna dance for couple minutes and heading back to quit place?

Thank you, I'm really glad I found your page.

Regards John