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The morality of sex with drunk girls varies by society. In Scandinavia it is common practice for men and women alike to get wildly drunk, have sex, and everyone considers it good fun.

It was this way in North America for a time as well, but there is now a moral panic about drunk sex at play that muddies the waters... for some people (men and women) it's good fun; for others it is wrong or traumatizing; and there are also bad actors: men who target extremely drunk women who are barely conscious for sex, and women who engage in consensual drunk sex but knowingly falsely accuse men after of rape. There aren't a lot of bad actors, but there are enough to make drunk sex less of a good time and more of a risky one. My general recommendation for folks in North America or places with similar moral panics and bad actors in play is "don't shag drunk chicks." Shagging a drunk chick is like doing hard drugs or sticking your hand in a bear cage. Odds are you'll be fine, but there are also some pretty huge downside risks if the dice roll wrong.

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Sex and Alcohol

As for girls who will sleep with you once, then ghost you... sure, this happens to everybody. You can be the most attractive, desirable man in the world, and there are women who are still going to use you for sex, then ghost on you after. The reasons are various:

  • She may have enjoyed the sex, been satisfied by it, and want nothing else. Maybe she likes to have sex with many different men and wants to keep moving. Maybe she just needed a sexual release but doesn't want to get tied down in any sort of ongoing thing. Maybe she has a boyfriend, or a husband, or a guy she is going out with she hasn't officially started dating yet, but likes a lot and is pretty sure she will

  • She may feel embarrassed about the sex. Maybe she thinks you look down on her now because it was too fast, or she acted too slutty, or she was too drunk. She doesn't want to be around someone who looks down on her, so she avoids you

  • She may regret the sex. Maybe she has been trying not to hook up with guys, then she had a moment of weakness and hooked up with you. Maybe she had beer goggles on and liked you a lot more when she was drunk than she did the next morning. Maybe she thinks of you as "some random drunk guy", which was fine for her when she was a random drunk girl, but now that she's sober she's grossed out at the thought of doing anything else with you

Usually you are not going to know which reason is hers, because she ghosts on you and won't communicate with you further.

The best way to avoid girls ghosting on you after sex like this is to build more of a connection to them before intimacy, and to follow best practices the night of and the morning after.

Also sometimes, when a woman is a little drunk, they are really into me. But as soon as they sober up they lose interest and won’t reply my massages. What can I do to avoid this situation?

Don't assume that because a girl likes you in one (less inhibited) state, she will like you in another.

Also, don't rely on bars/nightclubs/parties for dates. If you want women to message/date, meet them places where they aren't drunk. Women are many times less likely to meet you later on when they're sober if they first met you while drunk. For many of the same reasons they may ghost on you after drunk sex (i.e., you're "just some drunk club guy" they don't want to meet when sober; they feel embarrassed about how they acted while drunk; the beer goggles come off and you are "totally not their type" now; all they wanted was to flirt, and they got that, and now that it's past they don't want anything else with you; etc.).

How can you tell if a woman is interesting when you only make deep diving?

You might not be asking about the right things. Try to steer the deep dive onto topics the woman will like to talk about, that you personally find interesting. Hobbies usually won't be part of a deep dive, for instance, because her talking about crocheting or maintaining an Instagram profile or rescuing starving raccoons can only really take you so deep. A good deep dive is about her deep drives, motivations, history, and flaws, and everyone has those.

Both girls kept touching me, but then a friend of them mentioned one of the woman had a date tomorrow so I lost all interest in her.


And I was thinking why is she hunting after men, when she has an important date the next day?

Maybe she's just horny and wants to get laid?

Maybe she has a date the next day, but isn't certain this guy is The One?

Maybe you could shag her right now, and when she wakes up in your bed the next morning she'll text the other guy she can't make it... or you'll take her contact info, it won't go anywhere with the other guy, and she'll become your girl?

She has a date, not a husband. The two are very different.

So I was talking with the other woman and I could tell she was really interested in me but then came an other man to us and started talking with us and she asked me if I was ok

with that. Because I had only a little interest in her I said yes.

How can I get rid of a competitor?

See these articles:

but she didn’t want to sit next me again for some reason

Try this:

Persist In Your Insistence


You: Have a seat.

Her: [shakes head]

You: [pat seat] Sit dooown!

Her: I'm just going to stand.

You: Oh, don't be a spoil sport. Have a seat, I want to talk to you. Sit.

Her: [sits]

A little insistence, with a playful-but-firm delivery, can go a long way.