Girls Who Want to Sleep with You Usually Know It Right Away | Girls Chase

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Hi Chase, first I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge about dating and women. I find it very strange how much confident it gives me just by reading a couple of your posts before I'm going out.

I met this really cute girl two weeks ago and she was pretty drunk so all I wanted was to get her phone number. But she initiate everything because she wanted to have sex. She pretty much left me no choice and she wanted to come home with me.

So is it ok to sleep with a woman when she is pretty drunk or is it wrong to do that?

She stayed with me for nine hours and we were awake for 5 hours. I know now that I made couple of mistakes, I was trying to be a nice guy and I told her couple of times how beautiful and how hot she is and that I liked her. At the end, I asked her for her phone number and if she wants to get a coffee sometimes.

She agreed with both, but when I wrote her a text massage the next day she didn't answer. Why do woman do that, why can't they just say or write it was a nice one-night stand and move on?

I think it’s kinda mean. That's the reason how I found your webpage. I wanted to find out why.

Also sometimes, when a woman is a little drunk, they are really into me. But as soon as they sober up they lose interest and won’t reply my massages. What can I do to avoid this situation?

You said you should always move a girl, but what do I do when I meet a girl at a quiet place?

And last weekend I was talking with two girls simultaneously, that was a lot of fun, but when I kept digging deeper they were actually pretty boring. They had like no hobbies at all. Both girls kept touching me, but then a friend of them mentioned one of the woman had a date tomorrow so I lost all interest in her.

How can you tell if a woman is interesting when you only make deep diving?

And I was thinking why is she hunting after men, when she has an important date the next day?

So I was talking with the other woman and I could tell she was really interested in me but then came an other man to us and started talking with us and she asked me if I was ok

with that. Because I had only a little interest in her I said yes.

How can I get rid of a competitor?  

She went then away a couple of minutes and I was talking to that man. When she came back I said to the man he should make place for her but she didn’t want to sit next me again for some reason. And I just stood up said good bye and left. She was really disappointed because of that. I left because we hadn’t much in common and because she didn’t invested in me. That was probably not very nice of me.

I’m pretty sure I could have gotten her phone number and possibly even more.

I know it’s a lot of text but I hope you can answer me some of the question or maybe some one other. Thank you