Girls Who Want to Sleep with You Usually Know It Right Away | Girls Chase

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I've been seeing a girl who is 29 yrs old an has 2 kids but she still has her looks and a banging body. For some reason shes told me shes attracted too me, we've kissed, but every time I've tried to escalate to fuck her she gives me LMR every single time. The only time I actually get alone with her is at her house when her kids are asleep but she has a 8 year old and when hes around she told me she doesnt wanna give off the wrong idea (which I understand because he's at the age where he knows whats going on). I also have been seeing this girl for a few months. I have other girls I see/fuck but I am pondering why the fuck she keeps stopping me even though I follow the LMR tips on this site and the convo goes good..  As your title says "she knows right away if she wants to fuck you".. Well if this girl who when we are out/at her house makeout/hold hands an shit but never fuck.. Should I just give up on this chick or should I approach it another way?