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Funny thing is that the mental models that society provides us are useless. I grew up believing that resisting something means that you do not want that, that you are indifferent to it. How foolish of me, psychoanalysis taught me. There's got to be a will in the first place in order to resist it. You've got to want that in order to resist to it. Otherwise you would be totally indifferent. And that's the point where I understandood the quote "The opposite of love is not hate. They are the same. The opposite is indefference".

Applying this to women, not even one out of a hundred was truly indifferent to me. Sure I faced a lot of resistance and tests and even insults, but I began to understand that they wanted something and they resisted to it. It was not even me that they were trying to resist but themselves, their inner wishes.  The more lust I saw in their eyes, the more resistance I was expecting. That's funny.  And that's why women are silly and cute. But then again it's the same reason I wouldn't trust a woman who gets angry, upset, frustrated, evasive etc when I ask her if she would cheat. She is resisting, and to resist requires a will in the first place. Calm indifference in her reactions is what I would trust. And that's rare in women. 

One day I read one of your quotes "A test is but an invitation: Make me submit if you have the ability to" and everything that happens in a seduction made at last perfect sense to me. You don't walk up to a woman persuade her to like you. Most of the times she already does (it's very funny how stupid you can be when you are a beginner). You walk up to persuade her to just let her guards down (submit). Most men, like me in the past, can't tell the difference between resistance and indifference, and that's sad, because they think that women don't like them. And they miss one of the greatest things life has to offer, love.