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There does seem to be some of that, with women and men alike getting bitchier. It is weird to see BOTH sexes doing it at once, I agree. That said, while there is more cynicism than there was in the past, it's not like night and day. Women have been flaking and ghosting on guys with abandon so long as cell phones have been around (and before that, with land lines).

A girl could be telling you all about her life, excited to see you, initiating contact with you, sending you messages, then she just stops and goes ghost.

And these women aren't attractive either at all.

I will mention that this is off dating apps, but I still deal with this from nightlife and social girls as well.

Wtf is going on and how do I stop this?

Get off the dating apps and meet girls in the real world, for one thing.

Women ranked from most crazy/flakey/bitchy/ghosty to least:

  1. Girls you meet online / through dating apps
  2. Girls you meet through nightclubs and raves
  3. Girls you meet at wild house parties
  4. Girls you meet at lounges
  5. Girls you meet at Meet-Up groups
  6. Girls you meet at the local bar
  7. Girls you meet everywhere else

It sounds like you're focused on the two flakiest, nuttiest, most problem-woman-filled dating environments there are. If you don't like dealing with those problems, cut those environments out, or at least mix in more of some less-flakey/crazy ways to meet girls.

I would love to have a hotel already, but I wasted money on a flake and I damn sure ain't doing that again.

How would that scenario work to get a girl to get  a hotel with you the first night?

Get her to agree she's having a great time with you and would love to keep spending time with you, then mention your place is pretty far outside of town but you've got a great place you can go. Then take her to a hotel room, book a room, and get a bottle of wine or champagne up to the room for the two of you to enjoy.

And another thing, how do you know a girl won't just leave you if she's following you back to a place in her car? Where I live you have to drive and I don't really wanna pick women up like that, so I had a thought, what if I try to get a chick to come back with me, but she drives off while following me?

It can happen. The longer the drive, the more likely she is to bolt. The less sold she is before you leave with her, the more likely. Tips:

  • Keep your phone at the ready on speaker and OFF "don't bother me while I'm driving" mode so if she calls to ask you how much farther, you can answer

  • If possible, get her to agree to go in your car and you'll pick up her car later

  • Try to not be too far from wherever you're going out... 15 minutes max ideally. Make sure you give her a REALISTIC idea about the time involved, and actually overshoot it by about 5 minutes. e.g., if it takes 15 minutes to get to your place: "It's a 20-minute drive from here, but the place is really nice"