Girls Who Want to Sleep with You Usually Know It Right Away | Girls Chase

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Hey chase this article has got me thinking about something. Since cold approaching will result in more negative reactions and rejections than positive results does that mean that the majority of women don't like you or want anything to do with you? You've said that even if your fundamentals are great,your game is outstanding and you are a very attractive man you will still get rejected a lot more by women than you will get accepted by them as a lover. Why is that? I feel like a decent amount of girls at work find me cute at least,but even if I asked them out or made a move on them I would probably still get declined or get some resistance. Does this go back to what you said about women needing to feel allowed to sleep with you? Is this all resistance that as a man you have to push through? Maybe a girl doesnt act receptive because she doesnt want to be too easy.How do you distinguish resistance from rejection because I always feel like it's one and the same.