Girls Who Want to Sleep with You Usually Know It Right Away | Girls Chase

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Hey Chase,

1. I don't know what's going on, but it's like girls are being a lot more difficult now than they were before.

Girls are into me, I try to move fast and get dates, etc.

But these chick's are now flaking, not responding, going ghost etc.

They legit just ghost after a couple of messages.

Women have become a lot ruder and more entitled as of late.

Funny thing is, aren't more men becoming incel and going their own way? So wouldn't women be less entitled?

It seems now that they're more bitchy than before. I never had women treat me like this and it has caused me to become bitter. They are literally going ghost and cutting contact with no rhyme or reason.

A girl could be telling you all about her life, excited to see you, initiating contact with you, sending you messages, then she just stops and goes ghost.

And these women aren't attractive either at all.

I will mention that this is off dating apps, but I still deal with this from nightlife and social girls as well.

Wtf is going on and how do I stop this?

2. What is the best method of getting a girl to a hotel after a first date? Don't have my place right now and I've tried getting a hotel before a date after getting some advice from people, but guess what? She flaked and I wasted money :) so I will not do that again, fuck that!!

So what would be the best way to do it? I was thinking of saying I can't bring her to mines for whatever reason, so I would ask if she is cool with me coming over to hers, and if she's not I'll ask how she feels about a hotel. 

I would love to have a hotel already, but I wasted money on a flake and I damn sure ain't doing that again.

How would that scenario work to get a girl to get  a hotel with you the first night?

I feel telling her about how she can't come over, then asking about hers, then if that doesn't work, get a hotel works because it shows its the only option left if she doesn't feel comfortable with u coming over.

But how do you pull it off smoothly? A chick might still not put out. Should we ask for the girl to go half on the hotel? How do we know she'll really come there with us and if she'll come to the room after its paid for?

Plus even if I did have my own place, I can't be bringing a lot of different bitches there and I don't want to go to every girls house either.

I plan on using hotels for all my dates.

3. And another thing, how do you know a girl won't just leave you if she's following you back to a place in her car? Where I live you have to drive and I don't really wanna pick women up like that, so I had a thought, what if I try to get a chick to come back with me, but she drives off while following me?

So what's the best way to have a girl follow you back to your place or hotel? Do we have to pick them up?