Girls Who Want to Sleep with You Usually Know It Right Away | Girls Chase

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"Most women don't start to immediately think about sex when they see a man they like. Instead, a woman feels an opening up of possibilities with that man. If he wanted sex with her, she wouldn't immediately be opposed to the idea, like she would with some other men."

This is the most controversial thing ever stated.

It's the first time in the 5 years I've known GC that I actually feel some dissonance reading an article. But I have to say it makes sense.

My first thought until the quote: "But do women realize this consciously?"

Then I read the quote, and I'm like "This is definitely not the male perspective".

No matter what way I try to twist my memories of former lovers and FWB, right now I can't help but think "so they wanted to explore what was on the table, and I led them to intimacy". With some of them, I can think of one particular event that was the turning point where intimacy was almost inevitable after that. And when they mentioned how bold/confident/passionable/etc. that particular thing (like holding them in my arm or speaking about my ambitions etc) was, and they liked it... all I could wonder was "what happened all of a sudden?! The vibe was so platonic between us for so long!" (social circle) 

As I'm writing this, this article almost feels like a part 2 of your old article "she doesn't have to know your name".

Thanks for challenging my views.