9 Ways to Make the Missionary Position Explosively Good | Girls Chase

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This was a refreshing read.
I want to ask you how long on average does it take a girl to cum in the missionary position based on your experience. I am asking because I mostly use doggy style with my women, a position which I like because it gives me absolute control, but which I noticed doesn't make girls cum easily or at all.

So, because I want to be able to make my women cum to make sure they will come for more, I would like to know if the missionary is better for that purpose. I also read about the adapted missionary suggested by Chase, but I didn't use it much  either because it feels somewhat uncomfortable to me (I am a tall guy) or because it deprives me of a certain degree of control. 

Also, if you could possibly give a few tips about how to control my urge to cum and last longer or if you could write an article about it, it would be amazing.