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Hey Chase, I really like this style of banter! It seems like something I could incorporate in my own game. I by accidentally thought that there wasn't much of a learning curve, so I tried it out a few times this past summer. Haven't got it fully employed yet, but I can see how it will work! I was hoping if you wouldn't mind giving at least 2 more examples with different sequences, so I can see how to come up with my own sequences. Generally, Chase, your articles in regards to flirting tech have always had multiple examples, which makes it easier to learn. But this time, strangely, there was only one example! 

Also, from a learning perspective, do you think it's best to fully grasp the individual verbal pieces first on their own and then try to put them together or is it okay to use this style of banter even if I have a mediocre grasp of each verbal piece?

As, a long time devoted reader and a first time commentor, I just wanted to say a big thank you to Chase and the whole Girls Chase team! This site has been been a great influence on me, as it has made my life better, richer, and shall I say, more interesting ;) Once again, thank you :)

Flawed Romantic