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You didn't bother to read the article first,but you still decided to comment on something without even understanding the context or the subject. Nobody is saying the girl stays at home all the time. Unless she's a total hermit who only works and then immediately goes home after and idk why you would want a gf who does absolutely nothing with her life.The article suggests that you can limit the number of attractive men your girlfriend is around by moving to a different area or telling her you don't like it when she goes out with her male friends so that she is less likely to compare you to them and less likely to cheat on you. If the girl is going to see her family then you don't go follow her. It's her family not yours there's no reason to go. That just makes you look very insecure, paranoid and a weirdo cuz u think she's gonna lie to you and cheat on you. You're asking all these questions,but I have a feeling you're just mental masturbating. You want this knowledge because you think it will make you feel good,more knowledgeable,competent with girls or whatever. I've seen you post a lot of comments asking questions like this on other old articles,but I doubt they're even applicable to you. I'm not saying this to insult you ,but you're not helping yourself if all you do is seek out knowledge without actually trying to meet girls and see for yourself how all these site tactics and principles work.