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1. Didn't get a chance to read the article yet, just saw this comment and wanted to know what limitations you were talking about. So if you have the answer to this question in the article my bad.

But I wanted to know, how can you make your woman stay at home and not go out with friends or go on a girls trip when you want to go out, do those same things and still want to sleep with other women?

I'm not asking this as a moral dude, I'm legit curious how the hell can you make this relationship work? Basically I can go do what I want, but she can't? I'm all for it, but I don't understand how a relationship will last like this. Unless you are saying that at this time we men shouldn't be going out on trips or trying to still pick up women?

If you mean that, then yeah, I can see how this could work, but if I'm still going out and she can't, I can't see it working.

Especially if you're an older guy because she would think you should focus on a relationship instead of going out all the time.

But knowing this website is all about pick up, I'm guessing that we still would be doing what we want, but she can't, which I'm fine with just can't see this actually working for years.

Could you explain this better to me and how we can actually make this work by having the woman stay home and we can do what we want and further our skills with women?

2. Say if a girl is going on a trip with some friends she grew up with and hasn't seen in a while ? Do you still cut her off? What if she says she's going to visit family or something, but she really isn't? You could try to go with her, but what if you don't have the time or money? Can a girl go see her family if they live far and trust her? Or do you have to go with her to make sure? I don't trust anyone so I would assume she would be doing something, but wanted to know your take on things like this as well, like when a girl says she's going to see her friends she moved from and family she moved from. It could be true, but you never know for sure.