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I've lost a girl who very much liked me and wanted who I used to work with by moving too slowly. We went out to a bar we had some good conversation,we connected well, had a non platonic vibe, talked about sex,had a good time. But I didn't kiss her. Logistics were bad and I couldnt fuck her that day,but I still could've moved things forward if I had at least established that romantic connection ,but I was too indecisive. After that at work she would be very cold to me and not even say hi to me. Then I tried to ask her out a couple times like a month or two later and she ended up flaking on both instances or saying she couldnt make it. I basically treated her like I could just pick things up where we left off and I think I even said that one time lol.She was the first girl I ever went on a date with so it was difficult for me to know what to do. It's hard for me to suceed with women when I don't know what that looks like.